Wednesday, August 10

The Internet of Things: Air Conditioning Systems

Have you heard of this thing called “The Internet of Things”? It is rapidly expanding across the world. The Internet of Things, or “IoT”, connects physical objects and their associated functions, to the world wide web, or a local network. The physical object will have a miniature computer in it that can switch device features on and off, and connect to the internet so that the user can control the device from anywhere in the world. Due to the immense opportunities this creates, we see this propagating to many different areas of our lives, from the way we work, to our automobiles, to our homes. In our homes, we can control lighting features, we can lock or unlock our doors, and now, we can control our heating and air conditioning systems.

That’s what we want to talk about today, a smarter air conditioning system.

Have you ever been told about the many ways you can save electricity by adjusting your air conditioning usage? People will tell you things such as you should adjust your thermostat when you are sleeping since you won’t be bothered by it, or that when you leave your house, you should completely turn off the unit. The problem with this, is that when you wake up, or return home, your house in uncomfortable. It is either too hot, or too cold, because you didn’t let your thermostat keep your home and a comfortable temperature.

So we slowly got smarter thermostats.

We started installing programmable thermostats. These allowed us to change the thermostat setting at a predetermined time to a more energy efficient setting. These helped solve the routine problem of changing the temperature at night, or during the day while at work. Unfortunately, they were not able to solve the unpredictable outings.

Along came the Internet of Things, and gave you the solution for your air conditioning woes.

Now you can purchase thermostats that are connected to the internet. Usually with a proprietary smartphone app, you could login and change the thermostat setting from anywhere in the world. This means your unpredictable outings didn’t cost you an arm and a leg in air conditioning usage. But they didn’t stop there. These smart thermostats could use the big data from the internet and adapt to your life style. Forget programmable thermostats, these can predict when you want the temperature changed. They start to learn when you come home, how each day of the week differs, and what your preferences are, and can even make changes as the season changes!

Get a smart thermostat installed today.

Call a professional to install your thermostat for air conditioning, ac repair will provide a perfect air conditioning system installation, and they will get your system up and running the smart way. They can provide any air conditioning repair or installation you might need in your home. You will love having a smarter air conditioning system. As the Internet of Things grows and more products are designed, you can bet your entire home will soon be run from your smartphone.